Open Source Turbine Based Ventilator “CRUX Open Source Ventilator”

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We have written a scientific paper and have been accepted for conference proceedings in International Conference on Biomedical and Bioinformatics Engineering (ICBBE-2021), Kyoto, Japan.

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My team making open source turbine-based ventilator. Most of the parts we are using here are used in Drone so that it’s easy to find and use.

Blower(Turbine) that we are using here is:

I will make all the files and design open source as quick as we made.

Technical Goal: Ventilator Mode: PRVC, Pressure Support, Assist Control, BiPAP, CPAP Other: Various Alarm, Touch Screen Interface, Show Realtime Graph, Additional App to See Detail Info.

The Latest Update:

Ventilator enclosure getting ready. We have 3D printed the whole enclosure.

This is the video of the early prototype ventilator. PRVC and CMV-Pressure Support modes are working now. We are working to make it done.

Video 1: Ventilator Early Prototype Demonstration .
Video 2: Prototype Ventilator Basic Mechanism
Vide 3: New Turbine and Pressure Control Mechanism
Video 4: Controlling Turbine motor with PWM and observe Volt & Current

Turbine unit is 3D Printed. Motor is BLDC 1000KV running with 16V. But we have made another turbine which is using another motor running at 24V. Capable of delivering about 50cmH2O pressure.

Video 5: Ventilator Software working with Hardware

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  1. Hi Friend,

    I hope you are doing great with the projects, I have been following you and your team that you are working on ventilator, its very interesting project, I would like if possible to learn from you and about this project so that I can develop here in Africa too.

    Let me hear from you.


    1. Dear, Ofcourse you can. We are going to open source it asap. but you can contact me in email or messenger

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