Qxm App Launched. Qxm : Interactive Platform for Quiz & Exam


Qxm = Quiz + Exam
we refer Qxm for a set of quiz or exam.
Qxm revolutionizes the way we perform quiz & exam in a very interactive and easy way which will boost your knowledge. Its for everyone.

Qxm is the world’s most advanced and user-friendly quiz & examination platform for everyone. Where you can create , participate, share and browse all Quiz, Exam, poll in both private and public mode. People can follow you & you can also follow others. You can create a group and list. You can use Qxm app for the general quiz, contest, class exam as well as for poll. It will help you to spread your brand & company. You can insert image, video, tags, description, hidden description with each exam and quiz. There are many types of question(Qxm) including multiple-choice , short answer and fill in the blanks

Use the Qxm app to:

# Qxm Feed – Qxm feed will generate based on interest, country , language, trending and other parameter. It will help you to explore knowledge.

# Create & Publish – user can create multiple choice, fill in the gaps & short answer types qxm. Followers will be notified when you publish a qxm.

# Privacy & Class Test – if you are a teacher and want to take class exam, simply create a private qxm and make a group with your students or send invitation to people. Private qxm won’t come up in feed and only group or invited people can participate. You can select manual start option so that this question will be visible & people can participate only when you manually start it.

# Enroll – in this tab you can see which qxm you participated, you enrolled, people enrolled in your published qxm , sent & received request .

# Contest – you can activate contest mode for qxm. you can select start time, end time, winner selection rule, leader board publish publish time etc.

# Poll – You can publish Poll for any topics.

# Group – create group and invite people and share qxm(quiz,exam,poll) in group. you can create private qxm and share in group so only group member can participate.

# evaluation – for multiple choice type qxm you can use auto evaluation but for fill in the gaps and short answer you can choose manual evaluation.

# List – its like video playlist. you can organize your qxm as different list.

# Manual Start/start by click – when you take exam you can choose manual start option so students can start exam only when you click Start.

# Youtube tutorial – qxm is a great tools for youtube tutorial makers. you can add any video in qxm and can add question about your tutorial so your engagement will be increased.

# Branding & Marketing – qxm is revolutionary tools for quiz competition and quiz competition about your brand and product can enhance your market. Quiz competition never been so easier and fun .

# Following & Followers – people can follow you and you can follow other. so it will be more social and interactive.

# Q-bank & Auto Generate – Coming Soon