App: Arduino Serial Monitor & Plotter

My team released a new app name “Arduino Serial Monitor & Plotter”

Playstore Link:

“Arduino Bluetooth Serial Monitor & Plotter” is the only app in the play store which has multiple plotter, serial monitor, serial writer and various control interface like button, slider, switch at the same tab. This app also has a highly customizable Bluetooth Robot Controller. User can edit various settings like how data will be received, graph settings, send data etc.

Some features at a glance:
> Upto three plotter(graph) at same screen
> Plotter, button, switch, slider & serial monitor at the same screen
> Receive and send data from the same screen
> Separate robot control interface which has various settings for full control
> User can control each button, slider and switch
> Arduino and other microcontroller platforms can be interfaced easily via Bluetooth
> Easy connection with Bluetooth module (e.g. HC-05)
> User can control the various robot, RC car as long as it supports serial communication
> Highly Customizable but CLEAN UI UX