How we are making DIY Face-shield for Doctors

In this coronavirus situation, we(CRUX & Cybernetics Robo Ltd) are trying to help doctors, we are making DIY face-shield which are easy to make. Our mission is to teach people how to make them using materials which are already around them. We are not using the 3D printer as it takes longer time and 3D printers are not so available in our country.

The top newspaper already covers us.

How to make a DIY PPE Goggles:

Materials we are using: OHP Sheet(You can use laminating paper or other similar things), PVC sheet, Double Sided Tape, Stapler, Elastic, Superglue, etc.

Building Process: First we cut PVC sheet into pieces (1 inch * 12 inch) then bend it using a hot air gun. Alternatively, you can use a hairdryer or hot water. Gently bend the PVC sheet. Make two drills to attach Elastic. You can add another PVC sheet(1 inch * 6 inch) inside to make it comfortable. In this case, you have to use superglue to join two PVC sheets. Now using double-sided tape or superglue attach OHP sheet or laminating paper with PVC sheet that has been bended. You are done. So easy to make. I made a video in the Bengali language.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3: Bending PVC with Hot air gun

Alternatively, you can use Clear File instead of OHP sheet.

If you have 3D printer you can print

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Thanks. Stay Safe.