• Ground Control Station Based UAV/Drone
  • Reading and Analysing TV channel data and Sending it to Remote Server with Arduino and GSM/GPRS shield (Shahjalal University project supervised by Prof. Dr. Zafar Iqbal
  • Modu Laser Controller for Non-linear Optics experiment (Thesis work)
  • Embedded system for Optical Chopping(Thesis work)
  • Raspberry Pi Cluster Computer
  • Digital Braille Reader for Visually Impaired People
  • Embedded system for Optical Polarizer (Thesis work)
  • Computer Controlled High Endurance(One Hour) Quadrotor Drone
  • Unmanned Submarine/ ROV
  • High Altitude Hexacopter & Octocopter for E-commerce, Security, Surveillance & Aerial Photography
  • Server Synchronized Electronics Voting Machine
  • Ship Tracking Device for BIWTA
  • IoT & GSM based switching system
  • Robotic Arm
  • Portable Smart Heart Beat Monitoring System
  • Internet Based UAV/Drone Control System
  • Scrolling Message Display and Digital Clock
  • Complete Course Design for Cybernetics Robo Ltd (Courses: Robotics, IoT & Multirotor UAV Training
  • Small Rover

Product Design (Design & Team Lead)


Success as a team mentor

  • Champion, Yantra 5.0 , International Competition, Nepal.
  • Champion, Global Social Venture Competition, Thailand
  • Champion , Kaizen SUST Project Competition, Project: ROV
  • Champion , Robotics, Inter University Tech Fiesta 2016 , KUET
  • Champion , Multirotor, Global Robotic Challenge 2016 by ESAB
  • Champion, Drone Racing, Techfest-2016, Independent University
  • Champion ,Techfest-2016, Mesh Flare
  • Champion , Line follower robot challenge, Technovanza, North south University
  • 1st Runner up , CSE Carnival 2016, SUST
  • 6th place in Techkriti 2016, Multirotor Competition, IIT, Kanpur, India
  • 1st Runner up in Quad-Copter Challenge at Robolution 2016 Organized by MIST Robotics Club,Bangladesh
  • Champion, Techfest-2016, Regional Round, National Line Follower Competition
  • 1st & 2nd Runner Up, Line follower Robot Competition, Ahsanullah University
  • Runner Up , Quadcopter Challenge, Robolution 2017, MIST, Bangladesh
  • Runner Up, Fixed Wing Competition, Techkriti-2017 Bangladesh Qualification Round